Is there life out there?

No idea. But if there was, it would be merchandising from us.

The universe is infinite. So are our merchandising ideas!

If stardust existed as merchandising, you’d get it here. May we introduce: We are Großes Kino Merchandising. And as the name suggests, our promotional products and events are just as they should be: galactic. Whether it’s small giveaways, medium-sized promotions or huge budgets, whether it’s in Kleinhausen, the Big Apple or in a galaxy far, far away: we may be new, but we’ve been developing and producing merchandising with a focus on cinema and film for 20 years. So if you’re saying: Houston, we need something really good, we’re your base station!

Parties and events are supposed to do one thing above all else: go off like a rocket.

Always celebrate nicely – But how? But where? But with whom? We suggest: with us! We have planned and carried out countless events over the years. And anyone who, like Martin Molgedey, has managed to manage the Film Fair Cologne time and again, really knows how it’s done. We see all your guests as if they were our own. And only when they are satisfied, are we satisfied. Feel free to contact us if you have something in mind that you perhaps don’t yet know exactly what it should be.

Our cinema trailer

There are stars that glow brightly. And stars that shine: our partners.

We have been in the film and cinema business for over 20 years. So Martin Molgedey and his team have had enough time to gain experience and build up partnerships in such a way that they can no longer be called partnerships, but actually friendships. Commitment and reliability, keeping promises and standing by one’s word are values that still count in today’s universe. That’s why we count on …

First contact? Always gladly!

There is nothing we can’t make possible in the field of merchandising and events. Believe us – there is a lot possible. Talk to us! We will be happy to advise you, without obligation at first, of course. We will be even more pleased if your first contact turns into a long-term cooperation. But that is still in the stars …

Good to know

Over 20 years of experience, lots of know-how and a strong crew.


Großes Kino Merchandise und Event GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 54
67157 Wachenheim

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